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Envision Entertainment Group, Inc. is a web-based distribution company organized to provide the very best quality in recorded and printed music, teaching materials, talk tapes, written works, and other products that reflect positive individual and family values.

Envision was founded in the spring of 2000 by Victor Harris and Cecelia Benson. Their goal was to provide a means for individual artists and groups to make their products available to a wider audience than was previously possible through traditional distribution methods. Through the reach of the Internet and our relationships with resellers throughout the country, we are achieving this vision.

Envision is constantly seeking to add new artists that have quality products that reflect positive values. If you are interested in learning more about Envision or if you are an artist and wish to be considered for membership with Envision, please send an email to info@envisionentertain.com. Also, if you have any comments or questions regarding this site or any of our artists we would love to hear from you.


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Product Highlight:
Talk-n-Teach: Jesus' Youth and Baptism
What do you know about Jesus' youth, early life, and baptism? Have you ever thought about why baptism is necessary, why we get baptized so early (at age eight), and what we can do to experience this cleansing process again and again in our lives? You will enjoy the stories and examples that will remind you of why the Lord makes covenants with us and how he wants to bind us to him forever.
By Victor Harris
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