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Amy Benson Lacey

Amy Benson Lacey is a singer/songwriter from Logan, Utah. She graduated from Brigham Young University in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music. Amy has been composing music since age 4. Since then she has written many songs in such genres as LDS contemporary, country, instrumental, sacred hymn, and others. She is classically trained in piano and viola.

Amy grew up in a musical household which encouraged her artistic creativity. She performed frequently with her family and realized music would be a joyful, lifelong pursuit. Amy started her musical training in a music preschool at age 4. She soon realized that playing the piano was her passion and began taking lessons. As part of her weekly practice assignments Amy's teacher asked her to compose short pieces, which sparked her creativity. With the encouragement of her piano (and later, viola) teachers, Amy began devoting more time to composing and arranging music. She pursued her love of music in high school and later at Brigham Young University, where she graduated with a BA in music. After graduating, Amy decided to record an album of songs she had composed for special occasions. Occasions: A Collection of Songs for the LDS Family is the result of this endeavor.

Amy enjoys composing and performing with her husband Paul Lacey, whom she married in October 1998. Amy has a special interest in working with and advocating for people with disabilities. She is also interested in Music Therapy.


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Product Highlight:
Let's Go Home
This touching new song from Cecelia Benson recounts the experience of a little girl being rescued by her dad in the middle of a snowstorm. Years later the father, stricken with Alzheimer's disease, hears the same words of comfort from his daughter that he offered to her as a child: "Hold on tight, you're all right. Let's go home."
By Cecelia Benson
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